Titre de Sejour advice needed

Hi all!

I have been living in France with my Husband for a couple of years and we are still battling the system to have a Titre de Sejour issued to my husband with working privileges. I am Polish, and my Husband is Australian. Our Marie helped with our last application through the Dijon Prefecture over a year ago, and to this date we have only received Récépissé de Demande de Carte de Sejour with 3 month validity and a stipulation that he is ineligible to work. It occurs to us that perhaps we were directed to submit the wrong form by our Marie. The Dijon Prefecture is like Fort Knox with no forthcoming information.

Is anyone able to point us in the right direction as to what form we should submit to invoke his working privileges as the spouse of an EU Citizen?

Hi Sue, where do you live? I live in Burgundy and as you say Dijon prefecture is an absolute nightmare, two of my friends submitted driving licencees there to be changed, on different occasions and they 'got lost' for around 18 months! We are in the S & L though and it works slightly differently, is your mairie a small one - any chance you could try the nearest sous-prefecture?