Titre de sejour cards forwarding?

We are waiting for our Cards to be posted to our French address, but are potentially not going to be there when they arrive (prefecture visit 4/8 - they said 2-3 months for the cards) Is there a French postale service that would re-direct them to the uk even if they need signature - there seems to be a huge variety of colissimo services etc…? If so what do you do at your local Post office? Ta Iain

Hi @Iain

Madame (and I - edit) went to the UK following the helpfully arranged predeparture prefecture fingerprint visit. I found a slip to say go to the post office - they took my passport as ID and lo and behold a CdS.

Noting for Madame - a few weeks or so later I got a call from the prefecture person who does the brexit stuff and she said, (as far as I’m aware), Madame’s card was returned to the prefecture. I explained she’s in the UK and asked can I collect it with a letter of hers - no chance! Said to ring them for a RDV when she’s back to collect it - I mentioned that might be a few months.

So I have a feeling it might not be so easy to have it sent to the UK (after all think about the nature of it…)

However - if you called them they might hold onto it for you both until you come back? :slight_smile:

Why not speak with your local La Poste…

Just before you leave France to go to UK, you can put into action the “Garde de courrier” for up to 2 months…
Your POffice will tell you the lead time necessary to put this into place.

They’ll deliver all the letters/whatever… to your French address on the date you give them… the one when you will be back in France and waiting with bated breath…

(I’m presuming you won’t be in UK for more than 2 months…)

Another option if you have a trusted friend or neighbour is to do a procuration (you can print it off the la Poste website) and they can check your mail box for you and when it comes go and sign for it on your behalf.

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If you have 5 year cards make sure the “few months” is less than six months or they might take her card away…