Titre de sejour hasn’t arrived

I signed for my Titre de sejour in Agen in June but I haven’t received the card yet. My wife signed for hers in August and received her card last month. Does anyone know who I should contact. I have sent emails to the address where I sent my original documents but I haven’t had any replies. Any help would be appreciated. Micheal

Why not visit your Prefecture and talk things through with someone… ask how to make contact with the “correct people” (whoever…).

Our Mairie has been particularly helpful to local Brits … perhaps you could ask at yours.

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Thank you, that is a good idea. I will give it a try.

My card and my wife’s arrived a couple of months apart.

Thanks Matt
I thought all the cards needed to be delivered by end of October - that’s why I am getting concerned. Michael

British nationals will be required to hold a residence permit from 1 January 2022. Until this date, people who have not received their residence permit will be able to continue to reside legally in France and benefit from the rights attached to their status (residence, work, social rights) as long as they are able to present proof of presence in 2020, accompanied by the registration certificate of their application for a residence permit under the withdrawal agreement.

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Thanks for your help .

Call the Prefecture. Everyone I know that attended the Agen prefecture for a convocation received their TdS with a month.