Titre de Séjour

Has anyone been to the prefecture in Quimper, Finistere, for a titre de séjour “interview”? I am going with my partner next month and would love to hear about any experiences, advice etc. I understand a lot depends who you get.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi TIm - never been to Quimper but…it’s not really an interview for the TDS / CdeS - just an appointment to hand over and verify your docs, take your fingerprints and check your ID. No big deal - just have all your ducks in a row :duck::duck::duck::duck::duck:

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Hi Simon - thanks for this. Doesn’t sound too bad. When I went to get an appointment (last August!) the guy tried to fob me off and said I did’t need one as I am European etc etc. I had to push quite hard. I will be prepared in case I get another member of the awkward squad.


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Just be prepared to have all the documents on their list, preferably cross-referenced so there is no ambiguity.
If any point is not clear, write and sign an attestation to confirm it.
Remember that the list your Prefecture follows may not be that put out by the French government.
We were lucky in Macon, we did not have a member of the awkward squad, but the young lady we first talked to did not understand that their Prefecture had a list of necessary documents.
Yes, you have guessed it, they wanted more than the official list.
The other annoying thing is that they will not give you a receipt to show that they have actually received all your hard work.
Good Luck.
When you actually get it is quite insignificant.

Thanks Jane - fingers crossed.