Tittle tattle from across "the Pond"

thought we had escaped…now even French news had to run the Megan crap…does or indeed why would average French viewer have the slightest degree of interest…enough to turn the average monarchies to say long
live La Republic

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It’s on at 21h10 on TMC, we’ll be watching, why? Because it’s an insight into something we never really hear much about (here in France) and for me it’s a chance to catch up with what’s going on outside France and have a laugh !

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Many of our French friends adore the royal family (UK and Monaco) and know details that are away beyond me. Next time you are in a tabac look at the lifestyle and women’s magazines - stuffed full of royal stories and more so than in the UK!

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My otherhalf being one of them !

It is reality soap opera for French people.