To get a PASS Mastercard at Carrefour CAHORS


I thought I would see what everyone else thinks about this. Earlier today I went into Carrfour as usual and was offered a Cartes PASS Mastercard. I was told it was not a Credit Card, but a Direct Debit Card just like my Carte Bleu except that I would get an extra 10% discount on everything I previously got discount on with my ordinary Carrefour Card.

Wow I thought got to have one of these… At the desk clutching by my precious paperwork I asked what it was necessary for me to bring to get one of these cards. All the one hundred usual things and can you believe a copy of my last year’s Impot return. !!!

This is outrageous. Has anyone else come across this.

Gina Hams

rather an old thread but… yes I had all that when I first came to France and when I was a student here too - completely normal as i’m sure you already know by now