To Perméthrine or not to Perméthrine

The insecticide Perméthrine (Permethrin in English) has come under a lot of criticism recently by over-zealous journalists, talking about its use of “fogging” South America to control the Aedes mosquito and the Zika virus.

Whilst antibiotics are becoming less effective in humans, rodents are becoming more resistant to Warfarin, the industries are spending billions each on developing new products. Scientists are working on new antibiotics, others have developed a second generation rodenticide and are currently working on a 3rd.

Insecticides are also evolving; we’ve moved on from DDT (brilliant insecticide, now banned due to some environmental technical issue!) Perméthrine is the most commonly used insecticide in the world. It is used to control most insects, from ants, bedbugs, cluster flies to xylophages, yellowjackets and Zika infected mozzies.

It is found in many applications; aerosols, powders, wettable powders, concentrated suspension, micro capsules, gel, smoke.

Don’t be afraid of products which contain Perméthrine I can practically guarantee that almost everyone of you will have a version of this product in your house. It can be toxic to aquatic animals and cats, true, but when used correctly and responsibly, it causes little or no risk.

Have you read the product label recently? If in doubt call someone actually has read the instructions!

Quite right Robert DDT was a brilliant insecticide. However it wasn't banned on"some environmental technical issue" which makes the reason for its banning sound a bit trivial. It was banned after a long rearguard action by the agrochemical industry because it was found to accumulate in the fat and liver of many animals including us. It also together with dieldrin was shown to reduce the ability of many raptors to reproduce successfully. Rachel Carson in her book "Silent Spring" raised the alarm in 1962-3. A bit before your time I guess but worth the reading.

"environmental technical issue" - LOL beautifuly understated, like it :-)