To Photoshop or not to Photoshop that is the question

(Stuart Wilson) #1

I love it when my macros come out the way I want them, especially when there’s no re-work required.

However, I do like the artistic funtions or actions as they call them in Photoshop, especially the HDR and the Topaz suite.

So, what do you think?

Here’s theone I posted recently, admittedly a little over the top,but I love it.

Post some of your “re-works” here.

Oh, and how many of you have not used just a little “smart sharpen somewhere”?

Looking forward to some psychedelic posts :wink:

(Stuart Wilson) #2

I love the way you’ve added the texure.

(Annie Reid) #3

My neighbour’s geraniums with added texture.

(Annie Reid) #4

Brilliant idea!

(Stuart Wilson) #5

Good Idea. The press was from Gifi. Costs about 15-20€ I think. Uses a lot of water so we use rain water.

(James Higginson) #6

Where did you get the press? Maybe we should take this to the ‘Waste Not’ group.

(Stuart Wilson) #7

Isn’t it always the case, you go visiting and they’re working on the monuments. Doesn’t detract from the image though.

(Stuart Wilson) #8

She’s got a little press thing and she soaks the papers in water then presses them. Yes, were hoping to light the fire with them. Apparently they have a higher calorific value than wood. I find that hard to beleive. Haven’t tried any yet. MAybe weshould have a ritual burning just to see if it works, before she makestoo many :wink:

(James Higginson) #9

How does she make them? Are they for burning?

(Stuart Wilson) #10

Some paper bricks Nathalie has been making from all the rubbish we get in the Letter Box.

(Stuart Wilson) #11

Totally agree. I used to enjoy photography of Motorbike racing. I didn’t have very good equipement and with film you were more pleased if you got some decent shots. It’s too easy now but maybe that’s a good thing for me :wink: That’s progress. I suppose now you have to be even better to get noticed?

(neil whitehead) #12

Thanks Stuart. The thing is, of course, is that you can try out any effects before making a final decision. I don’t know if this is good or bad. In the old days (pre- computer) you had to make the decision first then go and do it. Being an art director, a specialist studio carried out the work so there could be a lot of finger crossing. Sometimes, now, I find myself faffing about and have to be clear about the final objective.

(Stuart Wilson) #13

I love the final result Neil. I must admit, I do use some sharpen but as recommended only at 1 pixel and 50%. It hardly shows much difference but can be quite useful on some images.

(neil whitehead) #14

try to avoid sharpen at all costs. Here is a use for PS in the real world-
Recently completed a design for a book cover from a photo of the graveyard in Lembeye which has a communications tower just outside.

Original photo-

Photoshoped image-turned to duotone then a scratch filter image laid over top-

…then the final design concept-

(Stuart Wilson) #15

Thank you Karen. We really do need to get a photo weekend organised to exchange ideas. Wasn’t there supposed to be one in May or June?

(Stuart Wilson) #16

This is a technique I learned yesterday from the Master :wink: I love it. This is Mousehole in Cornwall.

(Annie Reid) #17

Wow! Love that boat!! Great find.

(Stuart Wilson) #18

Ah, I wondered what the story behind the album covers was.

(Annie Reid) #19

I use Olympus Master and Photoshop all the time. Love it! My photos. My artistic license. LOL. On Flickr we have a weekly challenge to repackage that week’s CD cover and Photoshop is invaluable. Here’s this week’s effort from me. “If I were Brittania I’d Waive The Rules” by Budgie.

If you’re on Flickr and want to join in the fun, here’s the group:

(neil whitehead) #20

Absolutely. Back in the old days when the world was mostly black and white, every one who had a darkroom (my dad’s was over the bath), manipulated what they printed, professionals more so. Nowadays the creative process starts with the original shot.
I underexpose by a stop then change in PS if required. As for the filters until you try using them you don’t know what can be achieved.