To Photoshop or not to Photoshop that is the question

I love it when my macros come out the way I want them, especially when there’s no re-work required.

However, I do like the artistic funtions or actions as they call them in Photoshop, especially the HDR and the Topaz suite.

So, what do you think?

Here’s theone I posted recently, admittedly a little over the top,but I love it.

Post some of your "re-works" here.

Oh, and how many of you have not used just a little "smart sharpen somewhere"?

Looking forward to some psychedelic posts ;)

I love the way you’ve added the texure.

My neighbour’s geraniums with added texture.

Brilliant idea!

Good Idea. The press was from Gifi. Costs about 15-20€ I think. Uses a lot of water so we use rain water.

Where did you get the press? Maybe we should take this to the ‘Waste Not’ group.

Isn’t it always the case, you go visiting and they’re working on the monuments. Doesn’t detract from the image though.

She’s got a little press thing and she soaks the papers in water then presses them. Yes, were hoping to light the fire with them. Apparently they have a higher calorific value than wood. I find that hard to beleive. Haven’t tried any yet. MAybe weshould have a ritual burning just to see if it works, before she makestoo many :wink:

How does she make them? Are they for burning?

Some paper bricks Nathalie has been making from all the rubbish we get in the Letter Box.

Totally agree. I used to enjoy photography of Motorbike racing. I didn’t have very good equipement and with film you were more pleased if you got some decent shots. It’s too easy now but maybe that’s a good thing for me :wink: That’s progress. I suppose now you have to be even better to get noticed?

Thanks Stuart. The thing is, of course, is that you can try out any effects before making a final decision. I don’t know if this is good or bad. In the old days (pre- computer) you had to make the decision first then go and do it. Being an art director, a specialist studio carried out the work so there could be a lot of finger crossing. Sometimes, now, I find myself faffing about and have to be clear about the final objective.

I love the final result Neil. I must admit, I do use some sharpen but as recommended only at 1 pixel and 50%. It hardly shows much difference but can be quite useful on some images.

try to avoid sharpen at all costs. Here is a use for PS in the real world-
Recently completed a design for a book cover from a photo of the graveyard in Lembeye which has a communications tower just outside.

Original photo-

Photoshoped image-turned to duotone then a scratch filter image laid over top-

…then the final design concept-

Thank you Karen. We really do need to get a photo weekend organised to exchange ideas. Wasn’t there supposed to be one in May or June?

This is a technique I learned yesterday from the Master :wink: I love it. This is Mousehole in Cornwall.

Wow! Love that boat!! Great find.

Ah, I wondered what the story behind the album covers was.

I use Olympus Master and Photoshop all the time. Love it! My photos. My artistic license. LOL. On Flickr we have a weekly challenge to repackage that week’s CD cover and Photoshop is invaluable. Here’s this week’s effort from me. “If I were Brittania I’d Waive The Rules” by Budgie.

If you’re on Flickr and want to join in the fun, here’s the group:

Absolutely. Back in the old days when the world was mostly black and white, every one who had a darkroom (my dad’s was over the bath), manipulated what they printed, professionals more so. Nowadays the creative process starts with the original shot.
I underexpose by a stop then change in PS if required. As for the filters until you try using them you don’t know what can be achieved.