To RSS or not to RSS - That is the question

And it would seem that Google have the answer - NOT

Google announced this week that on 1st July they are going to terminate with extreme prejudice the very popular RSS feed aggregator Google Reader. I guess that there are some on here, as well as myself, who get their feed from SFN through this service - and to say I'm not happy about this decision is a bit of an understatement.

I use a variety of devices throughout the day and the main, no most, important feature of Google Reader was that it was cloud based and immediately sync'd across whatever device you used to view your feeds. No more downloading terrabytes of data to each device, bloating out your disk drive. Read an article of your phone and it immediately shows as having been read when you look at Reader via your laptop.

So the search is on for a replacement - want to be in there before the major panic begins nearer the deadline (pun intended).

I found a cloud based aggregator called TheOldReader, seems to resemble the known and liked Google Reader - and they also accept the import of all of your feed subscriptions through a data file which fortunately Google allow you to obtain from your account.

It's early days for this replacement, it was started as something for a group of friends to use, but this decision by Google is most certainly bringing what they have achieved so far well into the limelight, this blog posting explains what they are going through.

They currently have a free service, that I'm trialling, but a no-obligation premium service is to come in the near future. In my mind it does exactly what I need it to do without being too flashy and graphically heavy - displays my feeds and lets ME choose which ones I want to view/open, unlike some of the graphical sites that display virtually the whole destination page for each RSS feed item.

I have no financial relationship with these guys, but I do never the less wish them the best because in the next three/four months there servers are going to be working up one heck of a sweat.

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The Business Insider proposes Feedly as a seamless replacement of Google Reader. Link to article

Personally I only have one device (MacBook Pro) so I use a RSS reader application, NetNewsWire.