€ to £ transfer. Credit Agricole to Barclays. Best way?

I guess the best way is to withdraw cash and take to UK. Save transfer fees ( sounds like a footballer!) But I don't have enough room in my underwear, even if if I starve between now and next week. Need to transfer 4000€ Suggestions please?

Thanks James. I am being particularly cautious as it is not my money. loan from Pa as guarentee on last place. Whatever he gets he won't be happy...think along the lines of Victor Meldrew ;-)

No, banks will give you a worse rate than a broker and they usually charge you a transfer fee. If you use TorFX, you will get a better rate than your bank and pay no transfer fee. You can contact Ian at TorFX directly if you like ian.cragg@torfx.com




Here you are Helen! http://www.survivefrance.com/profiles/blogs/why-my-laziness-cost-me-a-small-fortune

Thanks Suzanne. But won't the xchange rate stay much the same whoever does it?

Helen x

Thanks Catharine. Still lots of snow here so wondering if I will get to airport on Monday ( half hoping!)

Your leg ok now?

Helen x

Wow. Thanks Christa. Barclays charge £20 the other way round.

Helen x

I suggested TORFx as you might get a better exchange rate with a broker than with a bank - James wrote a blog post on this. The flat rate fee might seem low but if the exchange rate is awful you could lose out on the transfer.

Suzanne is right. You will lose a load of money if you use a regular bank. On our last transfer (a couple of weeks back) - this equated to 50€ per 1000.

Bon voyage! x

why not try TORFX? Their banner is on the right - James uses them