Today, Oh what to do today

Where to start!

Today is today, tomorrow is another day

Today is a strange day for John and I in as much as we don't really know where to start, you know how it is, so much to do but what to do first, we sit down for yet another cuppa, coffee for me and tea for John so that we can try to put everything in the right order, It is the French way of doing it too.
The roof space that was going to be an en suite bedroom has to be re-designed as we realise putting a bathroom in is going to be impossible so now what would have been the bathroom bit is going to be the storeroom and instead of a walk in wardrobe we will just have a bigger bedroom, but this is going to take a bit of mulling over with a few bottles of wine, most of our best ideas have come from the odd Corbiere.

I come across two wall candle sconces that I have had for years in a cupboard and it starts one of those chain effects, I decide they should go on the chimney breast either side of the constable (A copy of course) John thinks they should be in a church, I have the last say and John prepares to put them on the wall, but I think it would be a good idea to paint the wall white before putting them up, we are going to do the whole room white (It wasn't planned for this week though) after much sighing John starts to paint the chimney breast.

John hates his photo taken and realises he needs a haircut

It looks great and will throw so much more light into a very dark room, alas it is making everything else look dingy and dirty even the ceiling between the beams, John can feel a very big job emerging but it will be a job well done as we hadn't realised how dirty the walls had become from the wood burner.

The doorbell rings, we both think it will be friends come for coffee and cake, doesn't it always happen when you are wanting to get on with things but we are always happy to see any of our friends, but sadly it is not friends instead it is a lady courier delivering the exhaust part we had only ordered on Friday from England, 3 working days now that is service, we used Euro Car Parts from Wembley.

This is the beast - this picture is showing off Johns cave door he made too

While I am watching assisting John I think that the fireplace itself needs a bit of an overall, it is Breton stone and had been plastered over until our good friend Joy decided to chip it all off one evening when she was bored. the blackness is there from 100's of years of burning and perhaps cooking in the fireplace (it was just an open fireplace until we installed the wood burner)

You can see the black at the back

So I suggest we look for the correct stuff to point it with oh and of course we will need to take out the wood burner and re-tile the floor area, John is sighing relentlessly now but I haven't finished, he has the old carpet turned back and I see the old quarry tiles exposed, well they will have to come up and new ones put down I exclaim - John asks if he can have a medicinal Brandy in his tea.

Johns tip : Never Never say you are not sure what to do today.
My tip: write everything down that needs doing and pick them off one at a time in the correct order.

Too true! I am lucky in that I have a very forgiving kitchen floor (ie even when it is clean it looks as if someone has spilt coffee over it... not the tiles I would have chosen but I'm not going to rip out a huge square metrage of perfectly OK albeit brown tiles just because I think they are hideous) anyway it was getting one of its few & far between cleans & there I was scrubbing away with a certain amount of foul language (& also accusations levelled at children/dog/cats) as the bit of dirt I was working on simply wouldn't shift... it is just part of the glaze.

Carol, sometimes it is better to leave well alone, we know as housewives etc once you start cleaning it is a never ending circle.

Your post just made me laugh! I noticed yesterday when I was cleaning out the fire grate and scraping the soot off the glass door that there was a film of black dust all over the chimney breast, and in a mad moment, I did consider wiping the dust away, thought better of it though and decided to leave well alone until we stop lighting the fire, and then it will probably be too hot to do loads of cleaning, so I will probably still be thinking of doing it next Spring! :o)

What a good idea Véronique, why didn't we think about that, mind you a few more fires and it will soon look dirty anyway.

Painting anything white always means you end up doing far far more since everything looks a bit scabby compared to new white paint (bitter experience speaking here). I have decided I shall paint things dirt-colour instead... when I get around to it ;-)