Toffees abroad?

Any Everton fans in this group? And from a rugby perspective...Leicester Tigers or Castres Olympique?

Me too! Stuff 'em!

That final...I was in The Packhorse Inn close to Kinder Scout , Derbyshire ... My mates went mad, I said, calm down , that'll just wake the buggers up! I was right!

Couldn't agree more about the influx of money ruining English football. But purely on a Chelsea note, they were finishing in the top four just before the arrival of money bags.

I was in a pub in Chalfont St Giles (look it up) for that final against Everton. My mate asked me if I wanted to go and see the final. I didn't realise it would be in a pub from 11 in the morning till two the next morning :D We had a great time. I was the only Chelsea fan for the first half, you can imagine my delight when Everton scored and the whole pub erupted.

I was joined by some Chelsea supporters later in the match and obviously things went a little better.

Even though England are unbeaten in 2011 and we "beat" Spain on Friday, it's pretty dire stuff at the moment. Bring back the rule of max 4 foreign players before Bosman butted in.

Yep, gone are the "proper" days of footy, all money an huge ego's now. Sad, but it's still a game that I enjoy and love watching my man of the moment - Frank....!! :-)

Hoping we put a few past the "pool" at the weekend....... ;-)

Btw Stuart, I have no axe to grind, I just think the oligarchs and Asian / American money bags have actually done a disservice to "English" football , there's hardly any home talent being developed, it's all been stifled or choked off by the arrival of hordes of foreign mercenaries sucking the £cash out of the game too...Just a humble point of view, of course! >{;o)) What do you reckon?

PS : We were well beaten in the Cup Final by your lot! Saha's record breaking early goal just woke them up and then we took a lickin'.

Tommy Doch, Peter Osgood, Chopper Harris , Bonetti et al...Not a bad team in those days before the Russian with deep pockets came and screwed it all up!

Another long term Chelsea fan here I'm afraid. Through the good and the very bad times.

Gotcha! I dropped anchor ( 8 yrs ago) in Saissac , La Montagne Noire ( Aude 11). 30 clicks into the hills from Carcassonne .Woolly-back country . Went to Montauban a couple of years ago to catch them playing Castres in the Top Quatorze, 18:18 at full-time...Stayed o/n in Ibis... Did pruneville too , Agen for their European match v Glos...Tindall was playing! Chuckle! Good craic with the Glos fans!Favourite drink appeared to be raw eggs plopped in half litres of Heineken. Slainte!

We live just north east of montauban, about 45 mins. Saint Antonin Noble Val, dept 82. Where are you?

Pity! I'll be at Goodison watching Everton v Fulham! Maybe next time? Where are you coming from?

Toulouse v Quinns? We will be there, Dec 18th?

Well, we should meet up for a match!

Hee hee, Chelski Chavs indeed......we head off to Montauban for our local - they are good now and again. Been to Castre, and had a good time there, and Albi, but it chucked it down at that match, so not much fun. Been to watch TLS footy too - not great.... :-) Usually hope Chelski get a match in France and try and go if it's affordable

Toulouse are superb but like Keith I prefer the local, even tiddlier, Albi - very easy to see although I haven't for a few years: 2 young kids + back the other side of the aveyron so it's a bit far but will get back down to see them one day. the local decazeville-rodez derbies aren't really up to much...!

I love Toulouse too, but sometimes yuv gorra go support the "tiddlers"! And the sausage baguettes at Castres are greatttt value with a Heineken and frites! Tickets for the match are easier to get also! You did mean Chelski, I presume? >{;o)

Swing low!

Oh NO.....Chelsea fan here, and a Toulouse rugger fan, off down there to see them against Quinns in Dec, which was our local team back in the UK....divided loyaties.....

Thanks! An "ugly" win would be most enjoyable!

enjoy ;-)

Satisfactory season so far for Castres,however Les Toffees are suffering badly from under investment, even with two distinguished but ageing French players, Distin and Saha...Thanks to Ryanair , I get back to see some of the "home " games...It's Wolves on Saturday, £40 aller-retour, no complaints... Allez mes bleus!