Toilets - or Sani Loos to be precise

Hi All

We need to install, upstairs, a new loo and due to it's position it would have to be one of those Saniloos... does anyone know anything about them - I know when we've stayed in places ages ago with sani loos they were very noise and took forever to be quiet after flushing. Does anyone know if this has now changed or is it still the same...



THEY are a nightmare...Sani Loos

had one in London. HOPEFULLY NEVER AGAIN.

Here's an alternative

DIY and us do not really go hand in hand so this confirms it - no sani loos for us... cheers all for comments

You mean Sanibroyeurs, the toilet that mixes up the contents of your toilet bowl so it will pass through ordinary plumbing pipes?

They can indeed make a lot of noise when old, badly installed or having suffered from bad maintenance. Over the years these broyeurs have been further developed and the level of noise is reduced, but it remains the main difference with a ordinary toilet. But they're the only solution when you want to place a toilet in a rather confined space, i.e. where there's no room for a 10 cm diameter tubing. And you've got to be more careful with wat you throw in your toilet bowl. Especially if there are little kids in the house who are known to throw things like toilet-paper rolls etc. into the toilet.

They are relatively expensive, and a good installation should be done by a pro, unless you are a gem in DIY yourself ;-)