Toilets - Sani Loos to be exact

We need to install, upstairs, a new loo and due to it's position it would have to be one of those Saniloos... does anyone know anything about them - I know when we've stayed in places ages ago with sani loos they were very noise and took forever to be quiet after flushing. Does anyone know if this has now changed or is it still the same...



it's for an en-suite bathroom really - so the one bedroom will have two doors - three including the one they come in - maybe I could make a feature out of it...

I would put it away from the bathroom - it means that the bathroom is still free if someone is using the loo (or vice versa)

so noisy and possibly costly...good to know - our alternative is to put a seperate toilet at the back of the house which does have the appropriate waste drainage pipes... so it may have to go there and just be apart from the bathroom - worse things happen at sea..

My most recent one was in my last flat, So we are only talking a year ago. I think they are noisy, but effective if it's your last resort. The problem I had with mine was my cleaner dropped a sponge in there on one occaision - that cost me €250 to unblock it and the same thing happened again a few months later. All that to say, that if you are not careful, they can cost an arm and a leg.