Tonight itv

Can it be true that J and I were the only SF people who watched Tonight

on ITV.

So much sadness in the world at the moment.

Thanks for the praise although I don't really deserve it - OH is French and I met her out here after I'd already done my maîtrise français langue étrangère so her even having a pop at speaking English just wasn't worth it (she said she couldn't anyway but 2 years later had to communicate when she met my parents and I was amazed that she could in fact string a few words together!). As for the kids - both born here so they've only ever known that and I didn't start speaking in English to the eldest until she was 1 (should have done it right from the start really - it's working better with N°2!) - Yes, I stumbled across sfn by accident a few months ago and it's given me a chance to see what others are doing here and help with advice when and where I can - had a look at some other sites and ran a mile!

As for the proper local cooking - good for you! OH and my various sister-in-laws are all from a farming background where cooking and produits de terroire are very important but as they all work they all admit to buying frozen ready meals half the time!

Better get on with work!

à +

You are obviously very proud that the family is totaly intigrated and I suppose that conversing on here keeps you in tune with British chatter.

Not every one has the same gift or dedication to a concept.

I fail to indestand the ignorance and lazyness of opening tins and

packets of food which is E this and E everything and making a pot of vegie or potage st Germain whith fresh stock is a matter of normailty during the winter months.

I do hope that all my local Girondine friends appreciate my respect for true food.

We all have something to be proud of....probably.

"Great that your children are totally fluent in French..." yes it is, they're only 4 and 2.5 but I'm struggling to get them to speak any English. OH and I only ever communicate in French and all our friends and family here are French so the small input that I give them (even as a linguist and languages teacher!) means that it's definitely a second/foreign language to them and their accents...! We turn over when the news gets too bad for them to watch!

We do live in a barking mad world and I guesse that it is people who made this happen.

It is hard to turn our backs towards the sunshine and it is just as hard to see what is going on.

Great that your children are totally fluent in French....and perhaps it is good that they do not see

the ugly side of the world.

Don't have UK TV - OH and kids wouldn't be able to understand it! - But it doesn't matter which tv news you watch (I posted a thread "too much info" on this not long ago) you'll end up thinking we live in a barking mad world and that France is full of murderers, rapists and child molesters!