Too much going on

Right where do I start? Firstly I am knackered. it's too hot and the girls didn't sleep well. Maisy practically was attached all night, Jasmine wanted drinks at 3 and 5am (to be fair their room was 25 degrees!) and Izzy decided to do a little Olympic Closing Ceremony of her own with a rendition of Row Row Row your boat and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (which they clearly were) at 5.30am.

After a few gallons of black coffee I managed to prize open my eyes enough to see that Izzy had once again removed her nappy (probably doing the full monty at 6am). Yes this is her latest trick - remove nappy & throw at Jasmine's bed then fall asleep and pee all over cotbed. I have tried turning the nappy round - off in one attempt. I have tried putting pull up pants on - easy peasy - off. I've even tried putting knickers over the pull ups. Possibly not that comfortable at 25 degrees to be layered but it's got to be better than being covered in your own wee.

So the washing machine & dryer have to chug out more heat (not allowed to put airer on the balcony in Canary Wharf for fear that someone's clean bloomers might end up on a bankers face or something embarrassing like that) and at the rate Izzy is going through sheets I just can't keep up with the air drying method.

I've already bought 2 plastic washable sheets too. She doesn't stay put in one place (tried velcro) and possibly even sleeps upside down in a batlike fashion hanging from her cot rails?! whatever she does - she gets pee everywhere.

My mum has suggested I SEW her into her grobag (sleeping bag) so she can't unzip it & access the nappy but this seems like a bit of a faff each bedtime/siesta time and she might be too hot so that would be like her doing Bikram Yoga in 40 degrees - a bit cruel I think.

Other than that - what other options do I have? Freedom to pee or No Nails the Nappy on her?

Whatever I am fed up of cleaning up pee.

Jasmine has started nursery last week - began ok and she was very excited about going but then the reality of me actually leaving her hit & we had days of screaming each time I popped out of the door. Yesterday she managed a whole day and today I took her in crying but she seems to have finally settled ok (I've had no updates about her distress so I'm taking that as no news is good news). I intended her to go 2 days a week as she wanted to go to her little Maternelle in September but Daddy is working in London till April so she will be late starting school. also gave me a little more time to reflect on my to do list:

1. I need to sell our house - shall I use estate agents local to us in Herault/Pezenas way? English focused ones? Or Le bon Coin?

2. I need to make Dr's appointments and dare I go back to the Sage Femme? I think I'll skip that one for a while.

3. I need to contact Geothermal heat pump people to find out more about their range & costs

4. I still haven't submitted my assignments for my graphic design course - ooops

5. My fig tree is too big and I need to get someone to come and cut it....(yes this seems minor but it required a phone call from the Mairie to me in London to let me know it's a bit big and people might drive into it so can I please get it cut back.

6. My house renovation plans are apparently 60% more than budgeted so I need to start thinking about stripping out items or selling my figs to pay for it. That's a lot of figs

Right back to cleaning up pee then...

Hi Suzanne

Nightmare, we didn't have the nappie problem as ours always had either a body, don't know the english but the all in one top that buttons up just under the crutch. For winter there are the turbulette which stop them taking the nappy off as they can't get out but too hot for this weather!

As for putting th house on the market, as you know I'm a huge fan of leboncoin as I've bought and sold weveral houses using it. My little place in Montagnac sold in under a month last Christmas and the sale went through no problem on that one. For the record we've had a viewing today and have another tomorrow on our place here in the Aveyron, both visits through leboncoin, nothing from the agents yet. In short, I'd go for both - le bon coin and 2 or 3 agents. I usually go for 3 agents that are different in their approach and location, that are likely to find different buyers - in your case what about freddy whatever his name is in Béziers who seems to do a lot with foreign buyers, santoni in Pézenas and another depending on where you are but don't under estimate leboncoin - like over 50% of French people, I won't buy through an agent unless I can really help it (of the 5 places I've bought in France, only one was through an agent).

As the others say, bon courage et en avant !

Oh dear! Don't like the sound of the peeing everywhere, she may stop taking off her nappy when it cools down a little, perhaps she is hot....I know wishful thinking! But on the plus side, My mum used to work in a childrens' home in the 60's and they had a couple of 'smearers' ( I won't go into details!!) so perhaps wee is the better option! I m trying to pack and arrange a house move in the heatwave we have in the Tarn et Garonne at the moment, not pleasant and hard work, but at least my two are old enough to help ( one can help move furniture too), must be a nightmare with 3 little'uns!! Good luck anyway and hope Jasmine is not down for long!

Thanks Nick! Just had a phone call from Nursery - apparently Jasmine has a temperature! Great just what I need!

Got a lot on your plate Suzanne - bon courage!