Too old for CoC, not old enough to be "collection"


I wish I hadn't ever bought it in some ways, but I have a very nice Jaguar XJ6 3.6 lhd US spec, 1989, which I would actually like to sell, but I guess I need a CT first! Now I can't get a certificate of conformity, since it's too old, but can't get it certified as a vehicle de collection because it's not old enough - so what do I do? I read somewhere about getting it tested/inspected by the DRAIL (or whatever it is now called) but don't know how, or where... anyone have any experience/ideas?

All advice (or offers for the car!) welcome.


Hi, I re-registered my Morris Minor. I was so lucky! I got my Attestation of Conformity from Rover (the inheritors of the Morris estate) a week before they went bust. On the other hand, one of the last actions the company carried out was to cash my cheque for the exorbitant price that they charged me for it. The people at DRIRE were really helpful and I got the impression that as long as you turned up with all the right documents you will have no problem.

That is very nice! Now, I bought over an 89' Volvo 240 & a 91' Volvo 480. I sold the 480 here (on Frenchy plates) & bought a Volvo 850 in UK. Still have the '2' & the '8'. Both are fully re-registered & on DVLA's site they show as 'exported'. All three fell into the same catagory as your Jag. I contacted Volvo France. The helpful chappy there on both occasions told me on the phone that my cars 'conformed' (if that is the right word) & that a 'LETTER of Conformity' is what I need. Volvo's charge was 113€ for each 'LOC' . With this I was able to complete my re-registration. Try contacting Jaguar France, and take it from there. The only stumbling block maybe that US spec will not conform... not sure, you need to ask. It is DRIRE who apparently can do all the leg work for you..... I've never bothered, just done it myself.

Good Luck.