Top apps?

Now I’ve got my lovely android phone and have worked out how to answer a call, what are the apps that I should be downloading? Which ones can’t you live without?

kik - free texts
echofon - twitter client
google earth
tomtom europe
2Do - to do list
avertino - speed trap thingy

Oooo - off to check those out before my girls download too many more games. I haven’t heard of some of them so I’ll have fun playing with them. Thank you!

Ok … I guess I should kick off with the obvious French ones I’ve found - Le Monde, Le Figaro, TF1 News, France Info

Then Skype, Facebook, Seesmic (Twitter), ConnectIn (LinkedIn) for communication and social networking

Google obviously have a good set of apps - Google Translate, Goggles, My Tracks, Shopper, Maps, Latitude, Gesture Search, Places, etc…

Additionally Evernote and Bloomberg…

plenty more …and am sure others will have suggestions