Top up insurance for health


my question do i need top up insurance in France if my husband pays full national insurance and tax in England? we are tax resident in France as we have to pay tax and nat ins in England we have a credit and complete s1's every year.

i was just thinking of just paying for dentistry as this is not covered in England, i am paying a small top up but does not cover dentistry Fabien has found me similar policy to what i already have, but do i actually need it or will my s1 cover?

thank you

thanks pauline i have now discovered you are correct thank you for your informative post.

jan baden that is exactly why i was looking into insurance lol

For treatment in France you will only get state cover for whatever is covered under PUMA, regardless of which state is paying for it. Conversely a French person on holiday in the UK with a CEAM and France footing the bill would get a 100 per cent cover because that is what you get under the NHS.

But if you were in a car accident in France it would probably be classed as emergency treatment and emergency treatment is usually covered 100 per cent for everybody.

Basic dental work isn't expensive in France and it's covered 70 per cent in any case. The only problem is, finding a dentist without a 3 month waiting list.

I think I would worry if I didn’t have a mutuelle. What if you were involved in a car accident, for instance? Would the UK pick up the whole bill for hospitalization/treatments or just the amount the French secu would cover? Could you end up with a whopping bill?

Your carte vitale covers you exactly for the same as everyone else's carte vitale, no more and no less. The fact that you pay NI in the UK and are covered via an S1, rather than paying directly into the French system, makes no difference to the level of reimbursement you're entitled to in France. So you don't need top up, but if you don't have it you'll have meet the full co-payments yourself.