Top up medical insurance recommendations please

I am looking for recommendations if anyone has any for top up medical insurance for my parents who are retired on Uk pensions. They have the basic cover sorted here now but having had the 1st estimate for top up cover they are reeling from the price! I don't know if it's dear or not as DH and I are still working so are in another age bracket etc.

Any recommendations gratefully received.

Good afternoon SFN

Again I have been afraid to answer this discussion!

I am a member to SFN and enjoy reading the articles from other members and the input from James and Catherine. However the only discussions that I can really take part of regard health in France (that’s all I know).

My job is to help expats integrate the French system (CPAM, RSI, CMU) and orientate them to the best possible Top-Up or Full Private cover for their needs.
Unfortunately, my advice on forums has often been mistaken as a cheap sales technique.

I believe I can help and this is why.
Thanks to the “Expat mentality”, our premiums stay considerably lower than local agents with good levels of cover because our clients tend to use the policy less for minor things like coughs and colds in comparison to an average French national. As a result, our negotiating power as a broker is greater and we get better premiums and level of cover for our clients that can’t be found anywhere else in France.

If I can help in any way regarding the S1, NHS, CPAM, RSI or CMU all of our services are totally free of charge. Should you wish to take out a policy with us, your monthly premiums are paid directly to your insurance company (as if you had signed-up with a French agent). In return they remunerate SOFICAS for looking after you, in English forever.

The website explaining the system as well as a downloadable Health Guide can be accessed via my page.

Always remember to ask for Tony MASON and mention the SFN when you contact us and I will look after you personally.

For those around the St. Medard d’Excideuil (24160) DORDOGNE area.
A FREE SEMINAR next Tuesday (16t)) talking about French health and finance.
Lunch is offered at a subsidized rate (7.50€) starting at 12h00.

Experts on hand to answer your questions:
SOFICAS - Tony MASON (thats me)

If it is of interest to you and so that we can reserve you places simply email with your name, contact details and number of participants or contact Tony on

Optical cover is not a big requirement as they both had their eyes lazered just before they came out last year. Dentistry is important however and general cover. I am still looking then we can hopefully sit down together and decide.

There's a website which compares insurers according to customer opinions. Which I hope amounts to how likely they are to diddle you if something expensive comes up.

Agree Steve this was as good as said this morning with Brit line

Get specs and lenses from UK, internet. Miles cheaper. Mine, which are about as complicated as can be, cost £150 as opposed to 650€. Getting half the cost reimbursed and paying 50€ per month to get the reimbursement doesnt make sense.

We are retired living on my pension just had a quote this very morning from Credit Agricole Brit line of 88€ for both of us for their Eco policy and 120€ for the Essentials english speaking explained both policy very clearly also explained glasses cover by CPAM is very little, contact lens cover virtually non existant

I've just found this website .... might be of interest?

Great site Catharine, thanks.

We have young kids so are frequently at the docs, opticians is 55€ a kick, as is the gynacologist, don't even go there with blood tests, dermatologists etc, my son has a kidney issue as well which until recently needed a control every 3 months with a scan and specialist pediatre visits. Than is all without any serious illness or accidents, I wouldn't be without my mutuelle. Add on a few visits for sports certificates and random childhood stuff, we are on first name terms at the doctors and I am not the worrying kind,with relatively healthy kids.

Forgive me for querying you, but are you sure that you get that much back from the mutuelle, and not from CPAM/RSI/...?

at 8€ per GP visit, and 20%ish of meds cost it takes a lot of illness to run up that much of a bill routinely.

Also AXA, also Swiss Life do hospitalisation only cover

Thelem Assurance,s Siege Social Le Croc, BP 63130, 45431 Checy cedex Tel: 0238 787100

is the main address for the company, but we go through our local Rep, M Frederic Male

45 Rue du Port

85200 Fontenay le Comte

Tel: 0251 502408

would like more details re thelem assurance etc - how do you get in touch - thank you

I'm v grateful for this as I've just tried it and got quotes far far lower than any I'd had so far. Many thanks

ha - I hope you didn't put your real phone number in Claire - or you'll get millions of phone calls too. I remember doing the house insurance - aargghh!

Some good results from that one thank you Catherine . I have to get mum and dad to sit down and go through them with me. At the moment I am being inundated with emails about mutuelles!!! help.

Having trouble with april's devis online , it keeps wiping the date of birth when I click through and then telling me it needs a date of birth. I will persist.

That one comes out at 114€27 per month for my parents. It's not too bad but >There were better offers.

If you need orthodontic work you need at least 300% and 400 is better.