Toperie organisation

We were driving back from Eymet towards Ministier and Vigier.

It was misty and totally ethereal as we drove slowly through woods and

then vineyards.

Because we were in the slow mode we discovered a chateau which we

had not noticed before. It looked lonely and need of a further glance.

We examined the plack by the side of the metal gate which detailed

the info that the property was associated with a Toperie organisation.

Does anyone know the property? Or the organisation.

A toperie club sounds very artistic.

Food for thought.

I will explore.

No Vero not that chateau...It is on the road which travels from St Foy towards

Vigier. Margueron is off to the right near there.

No it is deffinately not Vigier. It is a building which probably is a home of

one of the Toperie organisation's founders or close associates.

There is some clever toperie at a new chateau hotel in Monflanquin

if anyone is interested. Very interesting looking hotel.

Chateau Pierrail at Margueron?

Le cloître d'Agnac rather than a château has some topiary, but the Château des Vigiers which is close to Monestier has not much. Association? No idea.