Tornado in la Vienne 86 FREE WOOD!

Hello peeps :)

There was a mini tornado here on saturday. Thankfully, we were away for the weekend in Brittany having a fabulous time at a french wedding (my oh my, do French people know how to have a wedding or what?!)

So, we came home to discover our land/cabin still covered in pine trees, but no longer upright!

we have 5 massive pine trees fallen around -and amazingly not quite onto - our workshop . Can't quite belive how lucky we were not to have been there - the front porch was crushed and some small damadge to the roof corners but even the caravan remained unsquished....incredible mess everywhere.![](upload://vdYwev7fVG3KqkAZvMgA2P6zjkw.jpg)

the place is Saint-Martin-La-Rivière, Valdivienne, 20th-27th July, we'll be having an open-door (tree?) party week.

So, message us here, Call us, bring a picnic and a saw ( preferably a chain saw!) and collect as much free wood as you can carry!