Tory leadership contest: Boris Johnson tops first ballot

This is so depressing :unamused:

and it’s a big but…
Where will the votes from the eliminated contestants go?

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Yes Graham. I guess that will be the question every time the numbers are whittled down.

But… who is voting for this man? I find it incredible. The UK is already a laughing stock around the world, this will just make the country appear insane.


Well Mandy, apparently many pro remainers are backing him because they feel he is the only credible candidate to fight Corbyn. They seem to have forgotten Brexit !!

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no change there then. This will just confirm it.
The nutters are still living in cloud cuckoo land believing that the EU will blink first and give in to re-negotiating the deal.
I think they need to subscribe to to check their credit rating if they renege on the payment of the monies due to Europe. No-one will ever trust the Country again (if they even do now!)

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It’s only a handful at present (20) and there will be more than one round so it’s not as much where they will go next week but where they will end up after a couple more eliminations.

Votes for Leadsom and McVey will go to one of the very hard Brexit candidates, maybe Raab.

Harper - possibly to Stewart, Hancock or Hunt.

As usual then it’s their own jobs and their party before the country. Bloody typical!


Confirmation, from Le Monde’s editorial yesterday.

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