Tory MPs Braced For Snap Election Amid Brexit Splits

Really!!! What do we think about this?

It’s a bloody shambles!

if…and its a BIG if…these numbskulls call another election, then that would be an ideal time to vote on a new Brexit referendum on the same day.

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I’m a crazy kind of guy and really hope it’s true so that Labour get in and then JC and co will have to prove that they can actually govern, it’s all very well spouting off in opposition but it’s a million times harder being in power.

Corbyn wants Brexit as much as the Tories. The only hope really is that he’s ousted before the election by the majority of the Labour party that doesn’t want Brexit to happen. Can’t really see that happening though.

It’s just a big fat mess :angry:

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The trouble is that Corbyn getting in might be the Brexiter’s dream because it is clear he wants a hard Brexit.

I’ve checked the calendar and, apparently, it is not the 1st of April. This is the most unimaginably stupid idea going, even though it is up against some pretty strong competition in Brexit La-La Land, even if the Tories were voted back in it would divert attention from negotiations (and potentially change the team, 'cos the Tories ain’t getting back in) at precisely the most crucial point.

It really does take the fuckwittery of the present government to heights I hitherto thought were impossible.

Edit: See below, it does not seem to be something May wants (JC perhaps is a different story), but something that some MPs fear.


It’s bizarre Paul. She must think she will win otherwise why would she do it? The recent polls suggest it’s really close between the Tories and Labour. Does she want the Tories to lose? She was previously a Remainer of course. Here’s the latest poll news:

Reading the reports in more detail it seems to stem from the briefings she gave Tory back benchers at the beginning of the week (and, by all accounts she delivered Rees-Mogg a dressing down over the Irish border - not before time). It seems that at least some MPs think that an election is inevitable because with the current impasse over customs arrangements defeat in parliament and subsequent collapse of the government is inevitable.

Read like that - no-one’s idea but something which might be on the horizon - I can see the sense in preparing for it.

But collapse of government and a fresh election would raise the already gargantuan disaster that is Brexit to epic heights.

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