Tour de Finance Invitation (Limited places available)

These events are an informal presentation on a range of topics that are geared towards expatriates. These essential subjects are all aimed at English speaking expatriates and include:

  • Foreign Currency exchange

  • Tax efficient investing

  • Pensions

  • Legal

  • Accountancy

  • Investment presentation from a major investment house

  • Property rentals

  • Advertising

The events vary slightly and all the presentations are by experts in their field. Every presenter and members of their support team are available for discussions over the complimentary buffet lunch which follows each event.

To be able to offer all attendees plenty of time to discuss their potential requirements these events are limited in size and get booked up quickly.

Click here and complete the enquiry form, email or register your interest by posting in the comments below.

Sue, you are now booked in. just to reconfirm my address is

Hi Shirley, If it isn't possible for you to get to Tours would you like me to come and see you? I will be doing one of the presentations at the Tours event. My email address is if you let me know which areas of the Tours de Finance you are most interested in that would be very helpful too.

Yes please for TOURS