Tour de France - Where the Money Went....?

(Mandy Davies) #1

I love love love the Tour de France. This year it’s coming to my neck of the woods on 22 July. Here is Mark Cavendish with a preview of each stage.

Vive la tour!!! :biking_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man:

(Jane Jones) #2

Yes, I still love it despite everything! I’ve been hooked since Pedro Delgado’s tour which I found entrancing. Race radios and drugs have tarnished it slightly, but the positive side is better TV coverage. It came through our tiny village in 2016 which was a great community day.

(Timothy Cole) #3

I see Froome is getting some stick from the locals before the tour has even started -

(Mandy Davies) #4

Had to Google that name. You’ve been following it much longer than me. The first Tour I saw was 2007. Never seen it live so hope to be able to get to Mazamet to see it this year.

(Jane Jones) #5

It’s great fun live…although some of the mountain stages are a bit too frenetic for me now. Pick a corner, a feeding station or a slight uphill otherwise they are gone in seconds. And take supplies as it’s a long wait!

(Peter Goble) #6

TdF passed through our town and our front door in one of the early stages of last year’s event, the build-up was heart-thumpingly exciting but ithe peloton went by in a flash and the aftermath had a strong sense of anti-climax. But I watched lots later on TV and greatly enjoyed the spectacle and the long-shots of glorious France in all its variety.

I’m looking forward to this year’s Tour.

(Sue Young) #7

Oh great–more sport!! As if there’s not enough on already.

(Mandy Davies) #8

Oh no Sue, not a fan then? Only a few weeks and it will all be over, World Cup, Tour de France, Wimbledon etc etc.

(Mandy Davies) #9

I would have been jumping up and down with excitement if it came past my front door. Lucky you. It’s a long wait though if you have to stand on a street just to watch them flash past for a few seconds.

I hope to find an uphill spot where they will be going a little slower!!

(Bill Morgan) #10

It’s passing here, I will just have a NICE long lie in 'til it’s all gone/over ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mandy Davies) #11

I think Tim got it right in the football thread but I wouldn’t dream of using such a naughty word!!! :wink::laughing:

(Bill Morgan) #12

Just showing himself for a pillock Mandy, he wouldn’t use it to my face :rofl:

(Timothy Cole) #13

I would definitely say much worse things to your face Bill.:wink:

(Bill Morgan) #14

Go away, silly :rofl:

(stella wood) #15

(stella wood) #16

I’m not really into cycling… but they mention Arras… and that brought back very happy memories of a wonderful stop-over there… donkey’s years ago… and a superb meal (food is always high priority)… so… I did read this article

(stella wood) #17

(stella wood) #18

(stella wood) #19

I cannot walk properly on cobbles… let alone cycle on them…

No wonder there were so many crashes…

(stella wood) #20