Tourism in the Dordogne - Public Poll

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A perfect example of how to get the answer you want! Only 2 reasons not to visit Dordogne that you can choose - 1] I’ve done it; or 2] It’s too expensive. You can imagine the consequent article that will appear in Sud-Ouest.
Maybe it would be more interesting to share our own ideas as to how to improve tourism in Dordogne - it is, after all, the main driver of employment: over 30% of the working population.
I actually think that the Tourist Board has done a great job - tourism has grown enormously in the 16 years I’ve lived here - and vast amounts of money have been poured into the region, from the Milton Keynes makeover of dozens of villages; to the vast new Lascaux experience.

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They are asking for feedback… so have you sent them some… :wink:

Our council sent out 260 questionnaires … to every family in the commune… asking for feedback… “what do you want/need/hope-for in the Commune” (that sort of thing)… and they got 47 replies back… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Sadly, Stella, Sud Ouest are not asking for ‘feedback’ - only 2 possible answers to a question. That’s just like the Brexit referendum - and we all know now where that gets you.


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I filled it in, quite a light questionnaire. I like Sarlat :grin:

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I guess Brexit will have some impact.