Tous Anti Covid App vs. Samsung S6 mobile

Have been using the app since it became available. Never a problem (including scanning vacc. codes/ european certification etc)

BUT - since the last update by either Samsung or the app it does not update with latest infections no.s and is now telling me the phone has no internet connection.

I have uninstalled and installed several times, debugged the phone, uninstalled various possible clashing apps…
still no joy with the anti covid app.

Any suggestions - I don’t want to buy another phone if I don’t have to…

OH has a Samsung Galaxy A50 with Android v11 and the Tous AntiCovid app is v3.4.0 #310 and it all works ok.
Have you tried turning the phone off completely then turning it back on?
OH recalls there was a similar problem (wouldn’t update anything) using Google Play Store about a month or so ago and she fixed it by turning the phone off then back on again later which resolved it after Googling the problem and getting that advice as a possible solution.

Before going off to a resto in Rodez this lunchtime, I thought it might be a good idea to scan and print a copy of the vaccination certificate (that’s also on my phone). Am keeping it in my wallet…

Belt and braces!

Done all that. Last resort will be a reset to manufacturers settings.
Failing that…
A new phone.

Already done that. Carying copies of my life in my handbag. If I ever loose the folder - I am toast as a dishonest finder can simply create an alter ego…

I had to assist an older friend the other day when installing the Tous Anti Covid app on her phone. Google play would not install it and was complaining. I found the APK and installed it directly - it worked.

Below the two icons for the Apple store and Google play store, you will see a link to the APK
Worth a try before you end up doing a complete reset.

This morning, both our phones indicated that there was an update available in Google Play Store and updated accordingly.

Thank you! That was great advice. Uninstalled from playstore, installed directly from the site and all works perfectly again.

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I am having trouble finding the QR code for my OH booster, which he had 7 weeks ago.
Can anybody point me in the right direction, please?

Was he not given a paper copy with the QR code?
The vaccination centre would be my first port of call.
Then - Have you looked in your / his Ameli account?

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Thank you for replying Bettina.
His certificate did not have a QR code and his Amelie account had no information!
I spoke with Amelie this morning, the lady sent the certificate, with QR, printed and scanned to phone now :clap:and invalid message removed :pray:

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Looks like Ameli saved the day - OH now not confined to your 4 walls. PARTYTIME!!

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:rofl: His party days are behind him, as I listen to him gently snoring in front of the fire :fire: But we had a ball while it lasted​:confetti_ball::tada: