Tow Bar - Do I have to fit the electrics?

Probably a dumb question … tow bars. Am I required to have electrics fitted or can I just bung a hook on? No one uses their indicators in Creuse so its not like anyone would notice…

Thinking small trailer - just wondered how basic I can go. Basic hook is only 80 euros - once you fiddle with electrics it means I’m paying fitting as well

Seems a good idea to fit electrics, I would have thought… but that’s me.

Just because “no-one uses their indicators in Creuse”… surely does not mean one has to follow a foolish example… and such an excuse is unlikely to hold water if there is an accident or one is pulled over by the gendarmes… :wink:

@Mark_Rimmer will give best advice, as always…

and in the dark, heavy rain or brouillard when someone slaps you up the arse because they misjusdged the distance to the back end of your car based on your rear car lights :thinking:


Trailers are required to have working lights and indicators no matter what size they are. In this case don’t do as the Romans do…

There’s lots of info on line about how to hook the lights up.

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I have done the electrics previously for a towbar - it wasnt particularly complex - for some modern cars there is a plug already present that you simply plug into using a special cable.

They are optional extras here, but some of us use them.
I would get the electrics done

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I suppose I could say that we never use our car horn… but that gives no excuse for not having a working one :wink:

They must all drive Audis

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Think insurance cover…probably void if you do it wrong

well, you did ask :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:


you beat me to it… :upside_down_face: :wink:


If your car has a tow bar, the electrics are tested as part of the CT. No connections will result in a fail :slightly_frowning_face:

You most certainly need lighting on your trailer Chris. You may also need to advise your insurers. I bought one this year and now it is noted on my green card.

I am not saying that your information is not correct Brian but my car did pass it’s CT with a towbar but without the electrics.
I was probably just lucky.

I’m glad it passed!
The good folks here in Montmorillon saw the tow bar and immediately got out their approved test rig - basically a set of trailer lights on a board. Perhaps it’s one of those tests that occurs at some centres with some testers…

Yes these stories about variants abound. Sometimes lucky…sometimes not. I am aware that I do need to rig up the electrics (which I have to hand) but I have never found the time so far. I have searched for an auto electrician but they are few and far between and a dying breed.

Perhaps your local garagist will do the electrics for you… ???

There are testers and there are testers, our RHD Saxo went through 2 CTs with left dipping lights, perfectly visible on the back wall, without a mention.

I eventually changed them for myself because I couldn’t see the edge of country roads in the dark.

Might be teaching granny…however have you checked your car insurance? We’re not covered to use a trailer on our insurance

Strange, we are, but I never asked for it to be so. :roll_eyes: