Toxique Shock and tampons

Model Laura Wasser, who had her leg amputed in 2015 due to Toxic shock syndrome ( this kills), has now had to have her other leg amputated.

There is still no real information published about what is used to manufacture certain brands, the chemicals and long term effects.

Please talk to your women friends, daughters, sisters, mothers about the risks involved.

There was an uproar not too long ago about’ pink ladies razors’ being more expensive than mens blue razors. Yet this ‘taboo’ subject isn’t getting anywhere near enough ‘airing’.

I have chosen this French video because I think that this young lady explains things very well. Please watch it, talk about it and show it to others.


Possibly Anne because the world is so shallow these days and pretty things take precedents over boring things like toxic shock ( I am obviously not seriously mocking toxic shock) The colour of the UK passports gets more coverage. Stupid world!

Which is why a lot of people have switched to cups. Better for health and for the environment.

Yes much better Véronique, it’s a pity that there isn’t more ‘publicity’ about this. Is it discussed with young girls when they reach pubity, or along with sex education, do you know ?

No idea about if it is discussed in primary school but it certainly is in collège and lycée, as I have 5 daughters it has been an ongoing topic of conversation at home too. Mind you even back in the dark ages at my school (all- girls’ boarding) it was common knowledge.

Great that you can discuss things so openly at home Véronique. Back in my youth (many moons ago) such things were never discussed. It was a big shock when I started menstruating just before my 10th birthday and it was in shame and horror that I had to broach it with my mum :frowning: