Toyota Prius servicing in the Aude

Hi, I need everything done for my Prius to get it legal, including headlights. It also needs a service and new tyres. I'm trying to identify the best option for these (tyres I realise will be different). Quotes from Toyota in Carcassonne, Perpignan, Beziers and Pamiers varied from 550 - 1000 euros. Anyone else driving a Prius in this general region, that can recommend a garage which is au fait with the hybrid engine? And does a mechanic need to know hybrids to be able to change the headlights?

Bought a headlight (yes, it turned out to be only one :) from Mister Auto, which seemed reasonable but unfortunately the other is not in stock, so am searching for a second one. Any suggestions for the best websites here or in the UK/other countries?

Many thanks for any and all suggestions - have grappled with this issue for a couple of months.