Tractor Mower - What to buy and where?

I am about to move into a property that has about 5 acres of grassland. I will need to buy a Tractor Mower to manage this.

Then I start thinking it would be good to have an attachment that will allow me to rotovate / till the a piece of land to grow some vegetable and maybe a small trailer attachment.

Of course I dont have a clue what i am talking about as I have never owned one before. Any other gadgets worth considering?

So any advice welcome. What to look for and what to look out for? Where to buy in the Bergerac area.

The sad thing is I did purchase one with the house (not with all the addons - a John Deere) - but it was left outside unsecured and went walk about.

Thanks both. I’ll take a look. Only about 20mins from me.

Thanks David, we buy in Bergerac but use Lalinde for maintenance and service, but know from taking some people there that a couple of them in Bergerac speak more than a little English.

Lajarthe every time. Beats the rest into a cocked hat. I don't know what your French is like but one of the techniciens/vendeurs speaks excellent English so that may be another plus.

Easy, go to Lajarthe in Bergerac, Lalinde or Marsac sur l'Isle (edge of Périgueux). They are the best for service and honouring warranties we have found. We have umpteen things like chainsaws, brushcutters, a four wheel brushcutter and will have a sit on mower from them this coming winter. There are lots of places selling them, we made more than enough mistakes given that most bricos leave you cold once you have taken it away, Pôle Vert are actually unfriendly about service and smaller dealers often grab the money and then do not give a monkey's. We use them to service things bought elsewhere where we got the cold shoulder as well. They are opposite Jardiland on the way to the airport. If you are nearer Lalinde, near Netto. Go have a look at what they have, ideally in Bergerac which is the biggest branch. They also deliver free of charge, unlike the bricos, etc.