If anybody is near Lalinde tonight, it is the second night of the fantastic Tradigordines music festival. We were there last night, dancing in the streets to excellent music. It is every year.

Tonight, despite the temperature, I'm putting on the frock. That is to say I'll be pittin' an the kilt. From about 1900 on we'll be at the P'tit Loup restaurant where Nonno is putting on a special festival dinner, allowing for storms and other obstacles that will be followed by going to join the crowd in front of the stage in the main square.

So, anybody who makes it there, I'll be the one with hielan' dress.

See yes there...

I did indeed have a few 'lifters' last night! No doubt what they find clearly stuns them ;-D

Q; Tell me Brian is anything worn under the kilt?

A; Ach no. Everything is in perfect working order!