Traffic Jams this weekend... take care or stay home

Traffic will be difficult for many folk this weekend.

We’re risking a quick dash to the Charente on Friday… back before pumpkin time …:slightly_smiling_face:

As always, I’ll have water and madeleines in the car, just in case.

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I was away last weekend and spent most of my time on deserted roads. I did however cross the main arteries in three places and it was a bit of a shock to see the traffic density in those places.

That’s what we do Stella, for the holiday period, and enjoy travelling, weekends away out of ‘season’, oddly, we live in Brittany and no longer have any desire to venture further, lots of variety here :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s lovely when friends phone and invite us out…but we plan to be safely home well before the weekend rush starts… :wink:

With careful planning, like David, we will be using back roads where ever possible.

We’re coming over this weekend so, essentially need to do Caen->Redon - the A84 is predicted to be a hotspot on Saturday which might be a bit of a pain.

Unfortunately the back road routes are not terribly good alternatives, even if the autoroute is busy.

just be prepared… then if everything does grind to a halt… you can keep hydrated and well fed… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Not much of an alternative Mate :slightly_smiling_face:

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B’ used to do it every w/e when She worked in Caen Paul :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My advantage was that I wasn’t heading to a tourist destination. In the dim and distant past I used to use the backroads not the Autobahn in southern Germany when going to and returning from ski holidays. As I travelled along quiet roads enjoying the beautiful scenery I’d hear the traffic reports on Antenne Bayern often saying things like, A9 Nuremberg Richtung München neunzig Kilometer Stau.

Paul… too late for this trip… but do you have a Péage tag?

When we first bought our house, we got and used a Péage tag… made the trip easier, swanning through the Tolls, while so many queued up to take a ticket/pay …:slight_smile: :slight_smile: ah, but we are much further south… so more Tolls… just wondering…

Normally it is a fairly quiet run down - we won’t get out of Ouistreham until 15:30 to 16:00 depending on how busy passport check is so I’m hoping that we will miss the worst of it.

I’m actually much more worried that I left the coffee pot on - well I know that I left the coffee pot on but what should have saved my bacon (and the coffee pot) is the fact that I cut power to the sockets in the kitchen because that is the easiest way to turn the 'fridge off.

We do but haven’t used it in a while because the A84 is toll free.

However when it is really busy we tended to find that the queue backs up into the 2 lane bit of the autoroute well before it starts to fan out into the booths so it didn’t save as much time as we had hoped.

Fair enough… as I say, dropping way down… it was quicker to take the autoroute and pay Tolls (tag) than take all the smaller roads.

Now we are here full-time we don’t use a Tag… we make our routes more leisurely on toll-free roads… :wink:

No tolls in Brittany Stella! :+1: :grinning: