Trailer rental

I need to drive from Carcassonne to pick up 4 m3 of furniture in London. Anyone know of local place to rent trailers?

Hello Paul

I suggest you try Googling location de remorque carcassonne. I just did that and got lots of results.

Hope you find what you need.

Hello Paul
Have you considered having the furniture delivered to you in Carcassonne ? Might be worth costing the trip against a delivery …

Not sure that Paul is a serious poster, that’s twice now we have seen his ‘ads’ ! :zipper_mouth_face:

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Oh, I don’t mind. Doesn’t take long to respond and we may have helped. It takes all sorts. :smile:

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Good point about helping others but it’s just a ‘hefty’ signature and having googled him, all seems quite legit! Xx

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He’s posted his signature twice without actually “saying” anything… so I reckon he is having a senior moment with his keyboard… :wink::wink:

sorry for this happening. I’m not having a senior moment, nor have I posted any ads intentionally. I replied directly from the email announcements thanking everyone for the suggestions. For some reason it looks like those email replies didn’t go through.


just add, thanks again. The channel hopper people were very expensive, 1100eu for 5cm3. I’m still chasing down trailers, so far without response.

When I’ve done similar trips I’ve always hired a van from my local supermarket.

Hi Paul
Glad that you weren’t a ‘phantom poster’ :joy:
Yes, 1100 euros does seem to be high, maybe try doing as David has suggested and work out the cost of hiring a van locally.
Good luck :smile: