Trans Atlantic

Was just sittin’ an’ thinkin’ and an old Fella I met in a pub in Dorset years ago, ‘popped up’, interesting man, told me, he flew Brittania’s, four engine prop aircraft trans atlantic, they had to land and refuel, in I think it was Halifax, Newfoundland, and navigated by Sextant, amazing how quickly things have changed :thinking:
Lovely, unassuming Fella :slightly_smiling_face:

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have you seen this. Nothing to do with navigation but technological advancement [Vulcan Bomber Raid on the Falklands] ( it goes to show with competence & some good luck you get to your destination & back again. Though in the 80’s we could have equipped the Vulcan with a better deliverance system.

Yes looked at that a couple of times Warren, for the time, a very impressive exercise, SiL was down there with the Marines. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just watched that again Warren, amazing achieivement of planning, perseverance and courage!

Not to mention a bit of well deserved luck

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