Transatlantic Trade Agreement

I think we really have to get our minds around what this scandalous mostly hush-hush treaty will actually mean. Legal GMO's, obligatory sell-off of public services, for two. This article here is informative :


Try here :

haha, of course, - they put him in the same place with all the wicked things they have anticipated & that could be happen. You know the "Das Mündel will Vormund sein" von Peter Handke, wait until the findel bites its nurse breasts ;-)

He certainly did predict it, but they all ignored it and now, no doubt, they will blame it on him somehow or other.

2b a politician does not mean to be responsible ;-)

nice digg, - you should have posted the link because these guys are the next, after the greens, to join irresponsible madness.

marre de la malbouffe is helping Monsanto... & so its helping the pharma guys. Andrew Imagine you don't need to have to fight "humanitarian" war when you control the seed & crops in the food "security" chain (who can't pay for it dies because he must sell his land). Still, Andrew, also you will have read James post reg generating revenues for SFN ;-) The laundering of state subsidition had been at its hight during the late 1980's (Siemens creating KWU & they leased the nuke plants in Germany from Luxembourg, - no word about how many millions they received from tax money, but I know as it was my first job after university)

Ian like how you make the difference of the "pre-rock-guitar puddle". I was 4 days ago in London and found out that the annual ticket from Southend-on-Sea to Boris Town is now @ 3000 p.a... Maggie left irreparable traces.

Brian, Charly predicted this implosion: The capital can't generate the capital invested. That in itself is not such problem, the problem is the 'fat cats' know this as well, - so who's there to stop them to go back to 1914?

Yes, for yours truly who is known to be left of Dr Marx it is just a tiny bit worrying. Think I'll have to put my money offshore. Anybody know where I can put a couple of €5 coins? Perhaps a pebble on a beach somewhere that I can imagine is a tax free island...

Right on, Andrew. Sick of being all law-abiding and having to pay this that and t'other whilst the Fat Cats are larfing all the way to Luxemburg or Cayman Islands etc. A lot of people are thinking that way - which doesn't mean I'd go for any of this FN or UKIP nonsense, their ideas are just as barmy. Our family has always been Labour (Old, not the Bliar's neo-Tory outfit) so I'll stay that way...

faut arrêter de manger de la merde, y'en a marre de la malbouffe !!!

Seriously, isn't it all a bit frightening. I really have had enough of being taxed to death and then hearing about google, amazon et al. operating in France, out of Luxemberg or elsewhere and paying no tax/putting nothing back into the society they're milking. This sounds like it could be the opening of the proverbial floodgates :-O

No, over the moon ;-) lost by chasing deflation...


Discussing with Herself the other night, about her being faced with the frightening prospect of having to actually vote for Sarkozy as the other candidate facing Blue Marine and her crowd of far-right jackbooters. *shudder*

Nick Clegg has now gone and made a contradictory statement in which he said the NHS does not need to be included so not to worry, albeit his party's coalition effort has encouraged privations through Cable and Alexander's support. Forget it, we are sold out which puts me further and further off the UK. Now to see Sarko back in office and his cash till ringing as he starts the privatisations here for the TTIP.

Yes, people are that stupid!

Privatisation is not a condition but no country will be able to resist the pressure of what would have to be an option kept open. Every country within the TTIP would be screwed and a couple of big corporations more or less own the whole world within a generation. People worried about the Nazis and Communists, well they were kindergarten compared to this project for the future of humanity. Again, I am glad I am at this end of my life but fear for the future of my young offspring.

Great Dory, very interesting and I agree with Ian about France entirely. We are, to quote Bush senior, in deep dudu...

Yes, they are (UKIP candidates) kamakaze politicians. But only to voters with two braincells or more.

The problem with UKIP is that they are chameleon-like in that they will do ANYTHING to get elected. Rather like the News of the World or the SUN will report anything to sell a paper. So they WILL have conflicting policies that make no sense or are glaringly unfair and people with tunnel vision for one of their chosen "bugbears" will simply ignore all their other policies and vote them in anyway.

And the bigger problem is that so many people fall for it.

People are so stupid it's frightening me.

It's "Feds under the bed" now, Theo....

there was a survey in Germany in October this year: over 90% of people plainly reject this funny idea. There is not even a discussion about ifs & whats..., its because the decisions taken in total secret. I can refuse GMO, but being even closer to the FED, the now over un-payable 18 trillion debts, the constant war mongering of the defence industry, the so called "neo-con" ( constative reactionists with strong NAZI terms in their semantics) taking over the senate in January next year, the "improvement" of nukes defines shield, - all this is just a nightmare. It is worse then what my parents were warning me about as they spoke about commies.

I am totally against it. NZ will become absorbed by the US which is against all my morals and values for human decency. You can kiss pseudo freedom of anything goodbye, including the right to a healthy food chain or the right to make your own political decisions. I don't feel I'm overstating the case - this is just another form of imperialism and it's there to benefit the rich and powerful of all the signatories and I'm sick of it. Once upon a time NZ stood up to bullies like the US. Now we can't because politicians work for themselves and not the country.

If it was so good it wouldn't be secret.