Transfering an inheritated IRA to France

I am living and working in France and I inherited an IRA from my mother. I am 51 and due to the fact that my tax residence is France, I can not get good advise on the IRA in the US (fidelity is where it is invested at the time). I was wondering if there is a retirement plan in France that the US government considers an equivalent of an IRA, so that I can move the funds there without the 10% tax.

Thank you for any advise


“NORAID” maybe ?



Do you have any useful information that might help Nicolas ?? :slightly_smiling_face:

none so far I am afraid…

Hi Stella,

Yes, I do believe that I can probably assist Nicolas. I will try to open a private conversation with him in view of the fact that such conversations can be a bit sensitive and involve personal information.

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Hi Nicolas,

My American wife and I have an identical situation to yourself, so perhaps I can give you a few pointers, particularly in the direction of Article 24 of the Franco / American tax treaty.
Basically I believe you would be best served by leaving the IRA in the US, but I will send you a private message later today to explain further.

Have a great day, Robert.

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Thank you for putting me in contact with Robert. His mail is very informative

Best Nicolas

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No problem Nicolas… we are a friendly, helpful lot on this forum :upside_down_face::relaxed::relaxed:

The forum at its best …
No childish put downs, winding people up or acting superior to ‘score points’ . :slightly_smiling_face: