Transferring funs to UK bank

(John Slate) #1
Has anyone any advice of the least expensive way to transfer euros back to UK. I heard of a case of a French Bank holding house sale funds for six weeks before they would send them. Can this be right?

(John Slate) #2

Thanks you all for your replies. I will follow them up soon when I need to make the transfer

(Liane Edwards) #3

I use World Wide Currencies, but have only used them for transfers from UK to France, I believe they do it the other way round. If I call them they give you a rate and hold it for you until they receive the funds then you get the money within 24 hours. Rates are very close to spot bank rates and no commision.

(Catharine Higginson) #4

Halo financial have been highly recommended by at least one network member. There is a comment to this effect on one of the currency update posts. You can contact Matt Prevost (who is an SF member and works for Halo) directly or click on their ad on here. Best wishes