Transferwise - Changed Default Payment Means

I may simply have not noticed before although I would have noticed the fees … just using Transferwise to move money around in my bank account and to a local CA account- the default payment option seems to have suddenly become my “Debit Card” oh and we’ll charge you 8.50 for this … the use your balance at 20c a transfer is no longer the default - its simply clicking a box to fix but … just a bit sneaky … I only just spotted it given I was distracted and doing two things at once.

If you use TW then just keep an eye on the final screen

That’s interesting Chris. Mine still seems to default to bank transfer as it did before. I wonder why we are different… :thinking:

Mine defaults to bank transfer as well.


I just started a new transfer to see - and it was still defaulting to “bank card”… I then paid attention to the first page (amount to be transferred) - there’s a drop down box which on mine defaults to Fast Payment - which is the bank card … You can change it there and it all goes through as normal - so obviously I tabbed through and changed it inadvertently. Or distracted by the puppy eating the living room whilst dealing with banking.

Oh my goodness, the number of times I’ve done that :smiley:

I’m trying to break my tabbing habit … but like AZERTY my fingers are too set in their ways

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