I am not sure where to start with communicating but lurking is probably something I have done too much of in the past.

The words in the box ask what am I doing today. I finished pruning apple trees and spent the morning painting in some cherry blossoms, then worked on a website.

In April I will be going to Brossac for three weeks. I will actually be going across the ocean for the first time and considering a new life. It does feel a bit scary, well, sometimes more than a little scary.

I have spent the last few months walking my old beagle in a beautiful conservation area above my house and learning French through my ipod. Just when I think I am doing pretty well, and perhaps I am, someone speaks to me in long paragraphs and I catch maybe three or four words! However, I can fluently ask about the political situation and order a glass of wine.

Anyway, I have been reading the posts and trying to assimilate the idea of a transition re: moving to France as a single woman without rose-colored glasses, which I don't seem to have, but with as much consciousness as possible.

In the end it is true, one just does it. Meantime, I have been working up to this scouting trip for about a year I am very glad SFN is here. The warmth and sharing are obvious.

Hi Susan,

Best wishes for your move. I hope you do have at least some time with rose-coloured spectacles (choose to put them on if you don't have them right now!), because that romantic time of belief in the wonderfulness of it all is actually a source of strength when the rubber hits the road, I find. My husband and I will be moving to France towards the end of March. I've moved through six countries and he through three, so some aspects of relocation are not unfamiliar, but, on the other hand, each country is completely different, so no matter how much one prepares, there's much that is unknown. Let some of it bring delight!

This is so helpful. I love the accents part. I moved from Seattle, WA to upstate New York and even that was, huh? I worked in southeastern Appalachia for seven years on a research project after spending my life in the western part of the States and that was a big, huh? In some areas English phrases went back a couple of centuries. I am sure I will feel very foolish at times. I might retreat to my lair and rise again, hopefully. But, the fact that I lose awareness of subtitles in movies and everything makes sense might be a plus.

The idea of what is not readily available is thought-provoking and very helpful. There are things I cannot do without. That includes broadband which is income-producing. Good coffee is important to me, but I could possibly adjust. A Mac-loving technician is essential as is a handy person or whatever they might be called re: help with maintenance. Bureaucracy sounds like a particular challenge, so that certain person needs to be there. I guess I need to make a list.

I tend not to return to stores that show no signs of a greeting ritual, so that might be a good fit. Re: where I will end up. This trip in April is my exploratory trip. What I have learned is that a sense of community,friends, neighborliness, and a dose of common interests, are priorities, then it is ordered from there. I do trust that this will fall into place with some effort on my part.

Hopefully, I will ask the right questions on my trip. Strawberries are way too expensive these days. Kim, I know what you mean. My house is 1880. I really love it, but it is a lot of work.

Well done Susan ! As scary as the thought of moving over here on your own sounds .... it'll be well worth it in the long run. I came to France alone to start a new life and live here permanently in 2005, not from the UK but from Namibia, .... so very far from home now. Once you start taking French lessons locally it'll all fall into place - friends, feeling like you belong, village life etc . Bonne chance and hope to see you on SFN pages again!

kim where do you think =you will move to?


Thank you so much for your comments. The odd thing about learning French is that I keep lapsing into Spanish which was my chosen language in school a long time ago. Thank you for the referrals and the word "serenity." That really struck a cord with me. I will have questions as things unfold.

Good Luck Susan! I will watrch for your posts. I'm an American woman just getting started with the grande plan to up and move to France. Doesn't llok like it will be easy, but what the hell??? Life's too short to be trapped in Texas by a 100-year old house where it's too hot to grow my flowers anyway. :)

Good luck Susan-I am in my tenth year here in France and love it!Yes the language thing is a bit tough and I have a 5 second translation delay in my head so with more than 2 people and lots of conversation I can get lost! However,it is the best thing I ever did-I live at the top of the house that my daughter and family live in,so I am not alone;but I certainly felt it when I first arrived here-six months of panic and confusion followed and then the gradual climb out of muddle!

Susan, I wish you bon voyage and the very best of luck, and look forward to reading about your experiences when you get here.

Susan, you are to be commended for your adventurous attitude.

There is a whole new life waiting for you over here.


Hi Susan, do you know Delana's blog? She is a 50yr old American who has also upped sticks and moved to France. Very entertaining reading:

Good luck with your adventure.

Good luck on your adventure. There is a ladies group down in that region, check them out on Facebook under "LIFT 79" Ladies in France Together. They always seem to have lots going on and could be a good way to meet like minded people.

Commendably courageous, you seemed determined and sure...give it a good try, you may find serenity, and maybe much more then.

Peace and respect to you Susan. It is scary. It is worth it.

Welcome Susan! I grew up in Romulus, and now live in France.Your desire to learn French is commendable, keep it up! I didn't speak a word when I came over (I was 21 at the time), and if you try it makes things so much better. Good luck, and feel free to post for pointers or questions!