Translating and publishing a book (France to UK)

Hi All

I've found myself something to do - not paid, of course, I'm not French!

I'm translating a book. If anyone has any tips on or experience of obtaining publishing rights to a french book to translate and publish in the UK (or not doing that and finding a UK publishing house who's interested and letting them negotiate instead), I'd be v thankful!



I thought there was a note of flippancy in there ;-)

Can't help with the publishing side of things - try posting this in the writers, translaters and bloggers group, they're a bit more switched on to that side of things.

Very best of luck


Emily, I'm not French either but in the years I've been here I've always turned down unpaid work, I only work for money, otherwise I'd prefer to spend the valuable time with family. Please don't fall into the "translating for free" market! The translation market is steadily dying a death with the current crisis, the enormous improvement in the quality of computer translations and too many people doing it for free! I'm in the process of getting out of the business, i've earnt some very good money but it seems to be over (asking agencies and other freelancers around europe who are all in the same boat) however even the meanest agencies still pay 7 cts a word so just do a quick calculation and see what you're missing/doing for free. OK I accept the free translation bit if you then have the rights to what you've translated and can profit from sales but is that going to happen...? I don't mean to criticise, I just don't want you to fall further into the "Brit abroad trap". Stand your ground, yes it's difficult but there are loads of us making a living here, honnest ;-)

PS the very best of luck with the project whatever you decide ;-)