Translating docs

Hi ( could not find computer section )

I want to translate a French doc to English.

I am using google translate.The doc is too detailed to type,so i tried the other option ( upload ) the doc.When i try this ,i get the message ,not possible due to ( application/octet-stream ). Is there a way round this to get it to translate the doc.



Ps Even if i try to upload a plain piece of paper,which i have scribbled on,i get the same message.

Check to see whether you have ABBYY FineReader installed on your computer. If not, check the CD that came with your printer

iIt is a printer/scanner Epson sx438w,about 4 yrs old.

Did your scanner come with any OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software ? That would let you scan the text into a Word file (for example) from which you could cut and paste into Google Translate.

An alternative would be to ask RSI to email you the letter as a pdf file. Mind you getting the RSI to do anything is a challenge.

Thanks for the link,but it is too deep for me.

Many thanks for the offers to translate,i can probably get it translated.I just wondered whether or not there was a way of doing it from my own computer and scanner.It is a letter that came from RSI,which has too much content to do by typing.

Thanks again for your offers.


Have a look at:-

if it's not too long email it to me and I'll translate it for you

If you have the original files (Word ?), can you not just cut and paste the text into Google Translate , if necessary one section at a time ?

Am not a fan of machine translation but it can give you an idea of what the original text was about

If you need help let me know, I'll translate it for you :)