Translating documents for the pacte?

Hi, I came over to France four years ago with my boyfriend and my two boys from a previous marriage.

When we bought our house we enforced a tontine which means if either of us die that it would go to straight to my boyfriend or myself rather than my children.

Since then I have had another child with my boyfriend and this now means if my boyfriend dies first that my baby and me (mother) will own the house and we will have to stay in the house until my baby is 18 and then will be able to sell it if we both agree.

I need a Pacte?

How and where do I go to get a professional translation of my English documents? eg divorce and birth certs etc....

I should say perhaps that Michelle Parker is " assermentée "

You need a translator who is assermenté(e) - just look in your local yellow pages. A professional translator isn't enough - I'm registered and "professional" have never applied to be assermené (sworn translator) as the ties and remuneration with your local court a etc aren't worth it! Other people have had documents done here so I'm sure you'll get some names soon ;-)

We did ours through Michelle Parker , she can do the official stamp + translation , she's very quick and professional and very reasonably priced so I'm very happy to recommend her , you would have to send docs by registered letter and SAE registered again for the return

hope that helps :-)