Translation charges

I have been offered some translating work and wondered if charges are usually per source word or per hour. I'd appreciate any advice on this.

Has anyone read the Enquête Tarifs on the Societé francaise des traducteurs website? However, it does date from 2009.

The hourly rate is for editing.

Back up what Catharine said 10cts per word but and 7 for agencies (which has been the going rate for a while now, about time they increased it really!), never worked on an hourly rate apart from proofreading.

Yes, thank you. They also want to know how much for editing per hour. I checked on google and found translating sites offering between 5 and 50 cents per word or €35 to €50 euros per page for translations into English. Not easy to judge as I am just starting out.

Hi Louise

I work on .10c per (source) word - discounts for regulars / quantity and surcharge for a fast turn around.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the advice. In fact it is for a company and I am not really sure what to charge.

It depends on the nature of the work and on the volume but it is usually per word. However, if it's low volume, e.g. a birth certificate which does not contain many words, it is better to charge for an hour's work as a minimum charge. Hope this helps.

can depend on the work and the client. when we first moved here our translation guru started by charging per word and then after more and more work we gave to them they gave us a different rate. we now pay in block for letters and telephne calls when required and have built up an excellent working relationship and referral network. most people charge per word but again this can depend on what you are translating, time etc...good luck!