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I need to get a Birth Certificate officially translated into French . Can anyone please recommend some one ?

Was just going to say the same thing. I have been following it and it looks like next year some time. Worth the bluff given how much a translation appears to cost.

Stella/Jacqueline -- The latest state of play on the new EU rules on translations is on Useful Links/Translations as above. It's still going through the approval process but we're getting there and you may be able to use this fact to get out of providing a translation. Depends who you're dealing with.

I used David Pemberton of Assistance Franco-Anglaise. Everything was done via his website, email & post (including payment). He was very efficient and I received my translation 3 days later. Would recommend.


I too have heard that french laws are changing and that those extremely expensive "traducteurs assermentés" are no longer needed for translating birth or wedding certificates into french

good luck

Go here

Alternatively, click on Useful Links (above) and then on Translations.