Translation Rates?

Anyone out there translating websites and brochures who uses a tariff pricing structure rather than a per word rate?

Ooh broadband - how exciting! Sorry to say I can’t remember meeting (pregnancy being a distant blur and all that…) but hopefully we will do again!

I know. It was Sarah who recommended SFN - in fact, I’m writing this in France - nearest free wifi hotspot for me happening to be an Ursuline Convent - yes really! The broadband man cometh on thursday- woohoo!


ps I think we met when you were expecting your first baby

I thought I vaguely made the connection. Sarah is my aunt! And a very quiet sfn member!

Yes indeed. Sarah and I are long time great friends - we did our degrees together. And I’m sure we’ve met sometime in the distant past…


Thanks Sue - that is very kind of you!

ps I saw your CV the other day and realised that we came from the same part of the world back in the UK. Did you ever come across Sarah Sceats when you were at Kingston?

Ha - and a very good proff-reader! just noticed the last email has a typo ‘attachedd’! good lord - great self promotion…

Hi Catherine,

I’m a copywriter (among other things), but I always use a tariff. I’ve attachedd my rate card (obviously for the english market). It might give you some kind of guide-line and you should be able guesstimate what sort of premium you’d add for translation work.

all the best