Translations of official documents

(vanessa lombard) #1

I need some basic offical documents translated. I could do it myself but apparently it needs to be done by an official translator. Does anyone know where I need to start looking for this ‘official’ in Burgundy (Beaune or Chalon su Saone area.)

Also, what should I expect to pay?

Many thanks,


(vanessa lombard) #2

Thank you. I have just been reading all the previous blog posts on the SFN site under the topic ‘translations’ and of course …there are lots!

(Andrew Hearne) #3

He/she needs to be “assermenté(e)” look in your local yellow pages if you don’t get anywhere with Wendy’s contact.

(Catharine Higginson) #4

If you search using the box in the top right corner, you should find one who is reasonably priced and recommended by Wendy Wise. Failing that, send Wendy a message!