Transport company

We are hoping to buy a couple of large sofa’s on our next trip back to UK, can anyone recommend a transport company who would collect and deliver to Puy de Dome? (63) Thanks.

You realise you will probably have to pay import duty on them if new good over about 300€? Plus most likely a frais de douane for the transporter for the extra paperwork. And you will need to sort it so you don’t pay VAT/TVA twice which could be complicated if they are being bought and delivered into UK.


What’s wrong with French furniture anyway?



what! in new furniture? doubtful… but second user stuff from the trocs hummm :thinking:

Several of the bits of furniture we bought with us we have since got rid of as they don’t suit our French house…when in Rome and all that…

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Ikea stuff is the same everywhere.

Ducks & runs away :slight_smile: :slight_smile: