I am very used to stumbling upon those traps (cant think of the name) which entice Magpies in. But recently Molly the dog started acting very oddly when we went near one of the woods. I ventured in and saw a trap housing a chicken with a fox on the other side in a very distressed state. Possibly because a meal was very close but also very very far. The hen was not too happy either. What prompted me to write this is that today a new sign was put up in a field warning that the zone was full of traps.

I felt sick but of course cant do anything about it. However, is it legal?

This asso are very good with info about legalities around hunting and they do have English speakers:

Sounds horrible for all concerned. The only upside may be that they get to check the species before they despatch it?

hi graham of course Larsson traps. THe ones that trap the foxes I understand can also trap badgers, cats and dogs and I have spoken to other friends about this and often, especially during the summer and the heat which it brings, animals die a very slow death. I gather the farmer shoots them, usually, but do tend to leave them for many days. Thats what I find upsetting. Please tell me that they are not using the old fashioned traps which have those evil sharp teeth.